H.K. Mallak, Inc.
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H.K. Mallak Facts
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can we open an account with H.K. Mallak?
    Simply fill out our credit application or register online.

  2. What type of diamonds do you carry?
    We carry round diamonds from melee to 5ct., as well as fancy yellows. We also carry Cushion, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Marquise, Pear Shape, Heart Shape, and matched pairs from 0.20-4ct. We have clarities from IF to I2, mostly VS and SI. We have colors from D to M.

  3. What makes do you carry?
    We specialize in ideal and near ideal Round and Fancy Shapes.

  4. Do you carry matched pairs of small fancy shapes?
    Yes, we have matched pairs of small fancies such as Pear Shape, Oval, and Emerald cut, Half-moons, Trap. H/s, and fancy yellow Radiants.

  5. Do you have mounted pairs of earrings?
    Yes, we have a great selection of studs from 0.05-6.00ct. Total Weight in various qualities and in 14k Gold and Platinum.

  6. How much do you charge for 1 or 2-day shipping?
    We shop for the best rates (we use UPS currently). We are happy to announce that as of May-1-2015 until further notice there will be free shipping within the continental USA for sold items over $2500*. We will continue to provide the same, excellent service and quality. For memo, we will charge shipping, but you will get credit for sold items. What about unsold items? Sorry! No credit for shipping.

    *Additional Information
    • We can also ship "bill recipient" with your insurance information or ship with your Label.
    • Charges for unsold consignments are as following:
      • Insurance $3.00 per $1000.00
      • Plus $18.00 1 day or $12.00 2 days

  7. How long can I hold your diamond on memo?
    We do not set a specific time limit for items on memo. 2-3 days is great, up to 7 days is fine!

  8. Can I count on an accurate description of your non-certified diamonds over the phone?
    Yes! And we will gladly provide you with accurate measurements on the phone. Color and clarity? We call them the way we see them! But often the diamond you want is already certified. Coming Soon: 360 HD interactive Video.

  9. What are H.K. Mallak's payment terms?
    • A- For jewelry items ordered one at a time, up to net 30 days. A special longer term is available for larger (multiple item) orders.
    • B- For GIA , 30 days at website price, -2% Rap points for 10 days payment from shipment date (Not Invoice date).